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The DOXA Women Ministries International aims to

Restore the lost glory of God among women

Impact and see a total transformation on this women

Elighten these women to contribute value globally

The DOXA Women Ministries International (aka Mothers in Nations) called to establish the

DOXA Vision project Inc, with the inspiration of God by a group of women who had great passion to intercede for nations, restore lost souls. tormented and rejected women in the society generally described as battered women.The DOXA Vision Projects Inc is a non- denominational non -profit organization with 501(C) 3 approval poised at talents being wasted within women folk,

Latest news and events

September 30, 2021

Doxa Women Intl Grant Support Ojo Lagos

Grant of 100000 naira given to more battered women in Nigeria to assist them in developing skills and implementing projects in mind Women received their grants […]
September 25, 2021

Doxa Women International Grant Support

Battered women in Nigeria received 100000 naira grant each from DOXA Vision Projects Inc USA to assist them to develop skills and implement their various projects […]
September 18, 2021

Pastor Justina Delivering Empowerment Speech

It was a motivative moment for the women who received these mind-blowing tips delivered by the pastor justina, the speech lead many of the women present […]

Women are the drivers of a better society, the responsibility is upon us

- Dr. Glory Ojunta