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September 18, 2021

Women Where are Thou?

Doxa Women International, present a 2 days women development and empowerment conference, this event is geared at ensuring women are getting a better opportunity to express themselves by believing in their self-worth.

Purpose of the inaugural conference scheduled September 18-19, 2021

1. Soul winning and achieve missions through women angle as women are liberated from negative behaviours, mediocrity and embrace the spirit of excellence and determination to serve the Lord.
2. Identify true disciples among them who are willing to be committed to the call of God for their lives
3Create awareness of DOXA vision and mission THROUGH the grace of our Almighty God and why DOXA is directed towards the vision and mission
4. Empower women to be good stewards and embrace entrepreneurialism, become and remain fruitful in all spheres of life.
5. Groom a network of prayerful women, willing to stand in the gap for nations and discover their potentials in Christ.
6 To restore the dignity of God’s glory, such that a woman thrives in her space and is able to give back by sustaining trend, thereby become relevant to themselves, families, communities, and to the household of faith.
7. Break down the walls of denominationalism and allow the spirit of unity and oneness in the body of Christ.
8. Solicit for support to accomplish the task ahead.