November 27, 2021
Restoring the Dignity of God’s Glory in Women
July 13, 2022


1. Esther, was one of the beneficiaries of the Doxa vision project USA (Doxa Women Empowerment foundation Nigeria) she graduated from the University of Benin for over two years no job, and she heard about the Doxa Vision Project and she filled the form. She was not selected but she was swapped knowing that was really in need of help, right now, this is her testimony…..

I Esther, would like to let the association know that I am doing excellently well…… and I also tender my sincere appreciation to this wonderful DOXA Vision Project for helping out in making me have a little business which I now run, selling cooked food.

2. My name is Grace Dimaro, one of the beneficiaries of Doxa Vision Project USA want to use this opportunity to thank Doxa Vision Project for helping me to start up a business thank God my business is moving forward. May GOD bless you all, more grace, more strength to function in Jesus’ name.
3. My name is Blessing, I want to say a big thank you to this great association for making me what I am today, for making my business a successful one. By the grace of GOD and with the help of this association I am doing well in my baking business which I now sell: egg roll, fish roll, doughnut, meat pie, etc…at Iyana-iba Market.
4.  My name is Ngozi Mandu I really appreciate what the organization has done because I never believed I can start up a little business again since my husband died five years ago leaving me with four children. now I can boldly say I am now into catering services for community consumption.

May GOD continue to bless and the DOXA Vision Project and GOD will enrich them financially to continue this good work in the life of bather women.

5.   Mrs Ovbiagele Bawo Osowa, I really want to appreciate GOD Almighty for this great support that DOXA VISION PROJECT (Women Empowerment) has rendered in helping me in moving up in my business.

I am into the making of hats, sewing, and hair making.

May God continue to bless DOXA Vision Project and Women 4 all Nations, through which I got to know thIS great organization.

May GOD give them the strength to continue the good works they are doing for the Lord.

6.  My name is Nkechi Osuya, with the money given, I was able to start up a cooked food business center for the community were I sell all kind of foods to people.

I just want to say thank you for supporting me in my business and may God provide more for the organization. Amen

7.  Mama Sokoni, one of the beneficiary who was a Muslim but now a Christian, who got a Hundred Thousand Naira grant from DOXA Vision Project USA.

With the Hundred Thousand Naira given, she was able to start up a little business which she sells cooked yam and cooked beans Bread.

She really appreciated Doxa Vision Project and for helping her start her own business.

It was her prayer that, GOD Almighty will bless and empower this great organization in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

8.  Doris was a woman whom her husband abandoned. And she was unable to do anything since then, and she heard about DOXA Vision Project through the women for all nation as a member that she filled the form, luckily, she was selected and she was given a grant of Hundred Thousand Naira… it was like a dream come through.

Thank you, may the Lord richly promote Doxa Vision Project USA.

9.  Mrs Mathew Theresa heard about Doxa Vision Project through United Women for All Nation.

She filled the form and was selected and she was giving the grant of Hundred Thousand Naira. She was able to buy children material and adult material for sewing where she used to upgrade her sewing business.