What we do


DOXA Vision Projects inc is  a non profit organization with 501(3) C tax exempt status . Our mission is to  assist women discover their meanings in life, restore the dignity of lost glory,   motivate women to discover and explore God given talents, skills and potentials in order to maintain a resourceful life relevant to themselves and the society especially in some parts of West Africa region of the world.  Turning the handwriting of mediocrity into spirit of excellence No nation rises above her womanhood  


Problem and need to be addressed

The problem to be addressed are diverse.

Women in most parts of West Africa have been subjected to institutional culture and traditions that have impeded their freedom of interaction, associations and relationships, and some have been tagged outcast. When married, they are harnessed to embrace these deadly traditions contrary to a desired freedom. Domestic violence and control have been the call duty, especially when overwhelming bride prizes are paid before marriages are contracted. These women are enslaved and face uncontrollable domestic violence from spouses and in-laws. Some ladies are on the streets and brothels as call girls to become means of livelihood and sustenance for their families due to abject poverty. Well qualified and dedicated graduates yield their bodies for morsel of bread through slavery and prostitution due to high rate of unemployment. Husbands abandoning wives and children in pursuit of self- oriented pleasures from mistresses.  Marriages are facing hard times because of infiltrations of strange women and mistresses. Widows and their children are evicted from  their late husbands’ houses and stripped off their late husbands’ possessions because they have no one to advocate for them. Widows are subjected to tortures and torments due to false allegations of killing their husbands. Teenage girls getting pregnant outside marriages throwing away babies in baskets and boxes and selling their babies out to earn money.  There is a great need to restore the dignity of God’s glory on woman hood. These women are loved by God and the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is available to call them out from  mediocrity and rejection to the  state of acceptance and love. No nation rises above her womanhood. 

There is an imminent need to discover and recover these ladies wherever they are. . DOXA Vision project engages in assisting these women to discover their meaning. They are not custodian of their predicaments, but the pressures of life and societal oppressions have turned their lives into states of indecency, mockery, poverty, downtrodden with spirit of mediocrity neglect and rejection. These women are battered spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, and psychologically, and physically

To address the problems enumerated above, DOXA implements the programs listed below.

·         Program 1 – Shelter for Women

·         Program 2 – Vocational Education Program/Skill acquisition programs

·         Program 3 – Spiritual Orientation and Development Program


DOXA assists these women by providing grants that can help them explore their skills and potentials and provide financial supports for themselves and their families. 

DOXA also establishes  care giving agencies in most parts of the countries to assist these ladies harness job opportunities as care givers in homes,  business offices and facilities  where they are needed. DOXA trains and equip these women to become resource persons needed for such jobs at various locations 

 We solicit your partnership with this organization as we strive to support women through spiritual,  economic, social and political, health  programs , creating opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening families and communities .  For more inquiries, you can reach us at 7708958382 or 8446428687 or +2348033203202644


If you are interested in partnering with us, or assessing and using our agency , please complete the contact /inquiry form. Some one will surely get back to you within 24 hours

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Dr. Ojunta